This page is pretty self indulgent but it is at least written in the first person Our Story

I’ll start by saying the number one thing we want to achieve at One for All is a real sense of community. We’ve both taught at yoga studios and gyms and parks and offices and in front rooms and we always want to return not to that place in Bali up in the forest canopy or the shala in Byron right on the beach. But to that one studio where a student shared their figs with you or the first place a teacher came and gently adjusted your hips in pigeon and made you want to just sink down in to the mat and stay there.

I came to yoga through my brother who insisted we try a local studio in Windsor, Melbourne. I wasn’t keen but went because I was tired of running around the same parks. It was really hot and I thought my heart might explode and for the first few weeks my intention going into each class was to just stay in the room. But I did go back and found myself going back again and again because it just felt amazing. 

Hotbox as this studio in Windsor was called, quickly became my second home and provided me with structure at a time I badly needed it. I learned to teach here under the indefatigable teacher of teachers Jimmy Barkan and eventually on a warm spring evening I met Lucy sitting behind the desk. 

Yoga teacher


Yoga teacher

Likes: Bread, potato, slow breath.

Favourite pose: Vrksasana.
Number of muscles: 108.

Yoga teacher


Yoga teacher

That cup says “I go from 0 to Bitch in 3 seconds.” I asked who bought it for her and she told me she bought it for herself.

We hope that our family business can include you

Because this genuinely matters to us Sustainablity

To put it simply, we are deeply aware of the critical impact our day-to-day lives have on our planet, and we take responsibility for that. Because at the end of the day, if we don’t take responsibility for our actions now, it is our future sons and daughters who are going to cop the bill. We’re not just saying this because we think it sounds good, we’re saying it because it’s a real concern of ours and we know it matters to you too. So we’d like to share with you exactly how we’re taking responsibility. Of course it takes a lot more energy to create a hot Yoga studio than a non-hot Yoga studio and therefore we purchase our electricity and gas from a supplier that provides one hundred percent renewable energy.

We wanted One For All Hot Yoga to be a compelling example of beauty with sustainability. From the ventilation system designed to increase the heat index through humidity and therefore reduce the amount of energy needed to heat the studio, to choosing shower heads that are the most water efficient on the market, all the essential features have been selected with regards to their environmental impact. The bamboo floors are sustainably harvested. The large double-glazed windows provide plenty of natural light and this is gently enhanced with LED bulbs that use less than a tenth of the energy than that of typical halogen bulbs.

The good news is that by putting these best practices into action, we have dramatically decreased the annual energy consumption of our premises, helping the environment and reducing our overheads at the same time.

The studio is also one hundred percent paperless – waivers are filled out online and we’ll only email you the receipts. Furthermore, we use far-infrared radiant heating ceiling panels and all of our mats are from Manduka, which means they’re made with natural tree rubber that is biodegradable and non-Amazon harvested.

A quick word about water

It’s been part of the vision of this studio from the beginning that we don’t contribute to the gigantic problem of plastic waste and don’t sell water in plastic bottles. What we have as an alternative is some very light reusable aluminium bottles that you can buy from us and then fill with cooled or non-cooled filtered water from the Glastonbury spring water fountain in reception. You can also fill it with tap water because I’m pretty sure UK tap water is some of the best in the world.  

Shoe racks from the <a href="">Vintage Emporium</a>

Shoe racks from the Vintage Emporium

Beautiful natural light in the changing rooms

Beautiful natural light in the changing rooms

Logo hand painted by <a href ="' target="_blank">Steve Blackwell</a>

Logo hand painted by Steve Blackwell

A water bottle awaiting its forever home

A water bottle awaiting its forever home

Just a few answers we hope might be helpful Common Questions

It's really simple, just turn up and we'll take care of you New Students


Your first class can be a bit daunting. Arriving at least 15 minutes before class is recommended and gives you time 
to fill out the form for new students, ask any questions you may have, get changed into your Yoga gear and have a few minutes to acclimatise and relax.


Nothing, a couple of towels maybe. We have a mat for you and towels if you want to rent them.


Loose fitting clothes. Like you’re going to a gym and expect to break a sweat. Lots of guys prefer to practise in just shorts but really just wear what you feel good in. Not jeans though or a hat.


Water! No seriously water is the right answer. We sell reusable bottles you can fill up or bring your own. We don’t recommend drinking during class if you can avoid it but hydrate before and rehydrate after.


If it’s a 7am class try just having a banana (or other fruit) of your choice. For other classes it’s generally a good idea not to eat for two hours before class.


Try to keep an open mind. We all encounter different things the first couple of times depending on our fitness, age and experience. You will get hot, sweat and probably get a little out of breath, the best thing to do if you need a break is just to lie down on your mat and slow your breath. Don’t feel you need to keep up or do every pose and remember everyone in the room at one time or another was in their first class and was feeling the same as you.

An ancient practice for our modern lives Why do Yoga?

Never before have our nervous systems been so constantly stimulated than in today’s world of sensory overload. The drive in our culture to search for logic and meaning in every activity combined with the constant mental stimulation that most people encounter on a daily basis, means our minds run at full speed and our nervous systems are never completely relaxed. The practice of Yoga brings increased flexibility and decreased stress, leading to a general state of wellbeing.

To get out of your headspace

Yoga reminds you to direct your attention to your own needs as well as to the needs of others. It is the ideal path to achieving inner peace. If your aim is to be a happier human being, Yoga reminds you to have a sense of gratitude for what you have and to prioritise helping others and caring for all beings on the planet.

To relieve stress

Yoga reduces stress and anxiety in a unique way by decreasing the physical effects of stress and encouraging relaxation to reduce the levels of cortisol in your body. Practising Yoga can lower your blood pressure and heart rate, improve digestion and boost the immune system.

To improve your breathing technique

Yoga uses breathing exercises both in a passive position such as sitting or lying down as well as incorporated into postures and movement to help open your lungs and explore what it means to breathe consciously. Yoga encourages a more focused and centred way of breathing, providing effective stress-management and generally making you feel better.

To prevent injuries

Yoga reminds you to honour your body’s limits and needs. Beginning with a mental body scan and assessing yourself during your practice helps to reduce injuries. Moreover, Yoga provides flexible, well-stretched muscles that heal and recover more quickly after getting strained.

To gain strength and stability

Regular practice of more vigorous styles of Yoga, such as hot Yoga flow, promotes strength and stamina. This style of Yoga also offers the opportunity to use your core muscles through balancing poses, which can help improve your overall stability and sense of balance.

For weight management

Practising Yoga can aid weight control efforts by reducing levels of stress hormones as well as burning excess calories. Improved eating habits often arise out of the desire for a sense of lightness during your practice. No matter what your current or ideal weight is, Yoga will provide you with a heightened sense of wellbeing and self-esteem.

<h2>Hot Flow</h2>

Hot Flow

<h2>Yin Yoga</h2>

Yin Yoga

Two for all? Yoga Styles

Hot flow yoga

A vigorous practice combining classical Hatha postures with movement. Technique is refined to lengthen and tone your muscles as well as to boost your energy and flush your internal organs. You’ll improve quickly yet find it challenging enough that you can choose how deep you want to go and how many vinyasas you want to include.

Warm yin yoga

A relaxing class with deep stretches, practised with a focus on internal awareness. Promotes circulation, flexibility and mobility of the joints, and stimulates the flow of qi, prana or subtle energy that runs through the meridian pathways, or nadis, of the body. Improves organ health, the immune system and emotional wellbeing. Most of the postures involve sitting or lying down and props are used for support.