Six days till we get married and how I’m adjusting

Keen eyed readers will note that as we’re already married this blog must have been written in the past. This is one hundred percent true and the only person to blame is me. 

I can’t believe it, in less than a week Jesse and I will be married. At 2pm next Saturday we’ll be at Bournemouth Spiritualist Church tying the knot. Both our parents will be there as witnesses. Everything’s been organised so we can enjoy this week with as little stress as possible. We’ve got three wonderful teachers to cover our classes, we’re taking a two day honeymoon and I’ve arranged visits from my two best friends for those ‘pre-wedding girly activities’ that make me feel grounded and help me prepare whilst creating happy memories! With six days to go I decided to share with you six ways I’ve been getting ready for the big day.

So what is it that I’m doing?
  • Maintaining my normal daily activities e ven though I’m super excited and there’s so much to think about. As recommended in Ayurveda, a daily routine is key to staying grounded and balanced and the one thing I’m definitely not skipping right now is my meditation practice.
  • Drinking water – and topping it up with electrolytes to stay hydrated and avoid feeling sluggish. Not only that, but we all know that drinking water is key to finding that natural healthy glow to the skin that every bride wants. (And grooms! – jes)
  • Eating sensibly without restrictions, forget the crazy diets, being happy and healthy is what really matters.
  • Communicating – keeping things to myself is a natural coping mechanism for me. Forcing myself to tell people that I’m getting married next week and embracing their love and support is wonderful, but also challenging. I really don’t like being the centre of attention! So, telling as many people as I can is a way for me to get over that psychological block so that I can feel accepted and whole.
  • Spending time with Jesse other than at the studio – going out for dinner together but also spending time at home so that we have some ‘downtime’ before the big day.
  • Treating myself – facial, nails, hair, and getting my belly painted!

There’s one more thing that I’m doing above all else… releasing any thoughts about what other people think!

Also letting go of my own worries about the day such as:

Will my dress fit? Will my hair look good? Will our parents get on? Will our friends and family mind that we decided to keep it intimate? Will I be comfortable? What if there’s another cold snap? Will the photos turn out nice?  The list goes on.

I’ve never been one to get silly over ceremonial traditions, and the last thing I want to do is to lose sight on why it is that we’re getting married in the first place. This week is about us. It’s about Jesse and I. It’s about us becoming a family. Not how I look, not what other people think, certainly not the wedding itself (and what is it with these expectations, particularly of brides, to be all-consumed with this one day event?!)

So today, as I write this I’m letting go of the details. I’m focussing on what really matters. I can be open to the experience without worrying about it. I am, beyond any doubt, delighted to be marrying the man I love. I am literally tingling with excitement. I feel like this is a real opportunity to practise the teachings of Yoga. If there is ever a time I want to be more in the present, it is on this day. No pressure, no tension, no negativity. Those feelings are not on my radar. You could even say I’m a little too relaxed about the whole thing, so occasionally I pause to check in with my feelings and that’s when I realize how passionately I feel that this is the right thing for us to be doing right now, at the right time and in the right way.

I really want to just absorb the whole experience. To focus on it, just Jesse and I, and soak it up, to open up all our senses, see the smiles on our parents’ faces, the joy, the celebration, the love. To feel head over heels in love. That’s how we’ve come to be here. Love is the key. The fact that we’re getting married is just an addition we’ve chosen to reflect our changing lifestyle. The reality is we’ve been together for only two years and the first six months of that we were living on opposite sides of the planet, and our time together since moving to England has just been so wonderful and full of growth and we want to continue growing in this way, together. We understand the life we’re creating with shared dreams and desires, we believe that the love we have for one another is real and continuing and we feel that together we are better towards ourselves as well as to others. So there is nothing for us to be afraid of. Expectations, anxieties – yep – those are human experiences but the sense of okayness that has been with me since I met Jesse brings a peacefulness that overrides all else.

Getting married doesn’t need to be stressful, and being nervous is normal! I think I’m handling it pretty well, and I’m so proud to be the future Mrs Lucy Warde.

So, six days and counting! Do you have any tips for me to stay calm and focused? Thank you for all your support, I can’t believe it’s almost here.

Love, love, LOVE always! Lucy x