Free for All Hot Yoga

I remember the night of February 25th, 2018 very well, the night before we opened the doors to One For All Hot Yoga. We knew opening a Yoga studio was a bit of a gamble – will Bournemouth appreciate what we hope bring to their Yoga scene? Will anyone show up to the first class? Will people like it enough to come back? Will they even find us amongst the take-aways and late-night venues that are our neighbours?

Unsurprisingly my stomach was in a knot all day as I waited for 5:30pm to arrive when the first of my two classes was to begin. I remember them so well, it was so delightful to teach in a room full of eager fresh faces and as Jesse and I went home that evening it was apparent that this was the beginning of something special. It was a wonderful feeling and we are as grateful now as we were back then for every single new and returning student that walks through our door.

I cannot believe how quickly the year has flown by. We feel truly blessed to see our growing community of awesome students and friends. Our intention has always been to be Bournemouth’s friendliest Yoga studio and when we decided to embark on this new phase of our lives a year ago we had no idea that we were going to meet such OMazing people. What happened over the course of the first year at One For All Hot Yoga was that we got to witness so many individual journeys, budding friendships, laughter and humility, it has just been perfect!

1 year, 1200 classes, 750 yogi’s through the door, the birth of our baby and so many happy memories have been created this year. A number of you have really grown in your practice and we want you to know how proud we are of you, and how we’re infinitely grateful to our wonderful teachers and for the incredible community that has evolved as a result of everyone’s dedication and commitment. Our promise is to hold the space for you to feel safe and welcome and – ultimately – to enjoy your Yoga and the benefits of a consistent practice.

They say that the word ​yoga i​ s derived from the Sanskrit word ​yuj, w​ hich means “union” and our aim is to provide that connection. We hope to nurture your spiritual, physical and mental wellbeing so you always leave us feeling better connected to yourself and united with your environment.

Please join us on our anniversary to celebrate our first year in business with a weekend of FREE class at the studio. YES – FREE FOR ALL HOT YOGA!

So bring a friend or reluctant family member to celebrate our first birthday – 23rd and 24th February. We have some extra classes on offer that weekend including Flow, Progression Sessions, Yin and Meditation classes. There’ll be some free aloe taster drinks to cool you down after class, as well as a prize draw for our members, and discounts on class packs and memberships, so get ready to get sweaty!

We hope you are able to join us in celebrating One For All Hot Yoga’s 1st anniversary! See you on the mat.