First week

Hey I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who made it along to class this week. It’s been quite a seven days what with one thing and another but easily the highlight for both of us has just been meeting you all. A quick reminder that doors close one minute before class starts, we’re not always both around so letting people in once class has started is not possible.

It the spirit of a practice in which we try to make gradual small improvements over time, we have these adjustments on the list for the studio in the coming week:

  • Better signed changing rooms – No more guessing where on earth you’re meant to be getting changed!
  • An answering machine – Meditating to the sound of a ringing phone, less relaxing than it sounds.
  • A small draught – Located and filled (less exciting perhaps, but still, pretty thrilling).

Finally a thank you to everyone that left us a review, these things make a huge difference to a new studio and we’re grateful.

The photo is Lucy practicing Queen Bee, there’s still a couple of spaces left in the Yin class this evening if you fancy a wind down before the week begins.