Two for All – Hot Flow and Yin Yoga

I always get asked what style of Yoga I practise, but never why. I believe that knowing why you practise a certain style of Yoga is just as important as doing it. The truth is I’ve practised and taught so many different styles over the years that I started to describe myself as a mongrel Yogini. I began to appreciate that true authenticity required me to hone in on what was sincerely working for me.

I realized I was most inspired by 2 different COMPLEMENTARY styles of Yoga, these being:

  • Hot Flow Yoga
  • Yin Yoga

Now I get asked what’s the difference between the two. So here’s what to expect from these two styles we offer at One For All.


Although Yoga is often described as a practice of discipline, you’ll find our Flow classes have a light hearted approach, drawing from our belief that Yoga is for everyone. Combining classical Hatha Yoga postures with movement, these classes are an amalgamation of the importance of Yoga’s historical lineage working alongside contemporary understandings of anatomy and physiology, thereby creating an integrated practice that builds on strong foundations with a little of the unexpected each time you step on the mat.

In a Flow class you are guaranteed to sweat, you will probably get a little out of breath, and we hope you will leave with a smile on your face for the rest of the day.


Yin often takes postures that are similar to those of a Flow class and adds support in the form of props to support the joints as each pose can be held for up to 5 minutes (although you’re always welcome to come out sooner). Yin Yoga as we know it today is based on founder Paulie Zink’s unique style of Taoist Yoga which originated from the philosophy, spiritual traditions and Taoist health practices of Ancient China.

Yoga teacher, Paul Grilley, studied this Taoist Yoga with Master Zink in the late 1980s and incorporated his own philosophy and theories and those that he learned from his studies with parapsychologist, Dr Motoyama, into his teachings.

The Yin style of Yoga focuses on surrendering postures that allow the body to gently shift into a deep state of peace and contentment. The aim is to relax the muscles whilst accommodating your body’s unique skeletal structure, slowing down both the heart rate and the speed of the thoughts occurring and reoccurring in your mind, helping you to find acceptance with what is, allowing yourself to just be in stillness and enjoy the present moment.

Discover Yin Yoga on Friday mornings at 10am and Sunday afternoons at 5:30 or why not do a double-class on Thursday evenings with 5:30 Flow and 7pm Yin for the ultimate shift into that Friday feeling! Or start each day with a spring in your step as you Flow, sweat and shower with our 7am Flow classes Monday to Friday.

One For All Hot Yoga has full bathroom facilities, complimentary use of our Manduka Yoga mats and towels to rent for just £1 if you prefer not to carry yours around with you all day!

We’d love to hear from you – what styles of Yoga would you be interested in seeing at the studio and why? We’ll be adding to the timetable and inviting guest teachers to run workshops throughout the year.
Om Shanti, Lx