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One for All Yoga

2nd Floor Hanover House, 136 Old Christchurch Rd, Bournemouth

Four weeks unlimited yoga for just £40?

Your Inclusive Community

Set in the heart of town on the Old Christchurch Road, just opposite Horseshoe Common, the studio has a modern, light, airy feel. The practice room uses far infrared heating and has a mirrored wall for optimal alignment adjustments. There are expansive changing rooms with ample shower facilities and a large welcoming reception area.

We hope you’ll enjoy our nurturing approach to Yoga, and feel supported in a fun class environment.

Look good, Feel great.

At One for All we believe that the simple discipline of a regular yoga practice has the power to shape and transform lives. We don’t believe in a dogmatic approach, one style or one prescribed shape for each pose, one ‘right way’ of practising.

We’re all different, have different shaped and proportioned bodies, feel different day to day want different things from our practice and for ourselves.

We hope to provide a space where you feel accepted and rewarded each time you arrive on your mat. Whatever your background, age, gender, experience or ability we’d love to have you in our classes and welcome you to our community.

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